What Are Nipple Protectors?

A nipple protector is an aid that can be used to help babies that have difficulty latching on or breastfeeding due to a variety of reasons. They are often used to provide a stronger stimulus for the baby and can help to promote deeper and more effective breastfeeding. They can also be helpful in reducing nipple pain that may occur when a baby has an improper or shallow latch. This can be an important tool for mothers who are struggling to establish breastfeeding, especially when they need to use formula or pump in order to keep up their milk supply.

These silicone or latex nipple shields look like little hats with a brim that fits over the nipples and areola (the skin around the nipple). They have a small area in the center where the nipple is and most of them have an area cut out that allows more skin-to-skin contact. They are usually flexible and can bend and stretch to fit a nipple or mouth. They are useful for infants who struggle with breastfeeding, such as premature babies, small or ill babies, and infants with flat or inverted nipples, tongue tie, or lip or cheek tie. They can also be helpful for babies that switch from the bottle to breastfeeding, as they allow them to create a similar sucking action they are used to with a bottle.

While nipple shields can be helpful for breastfeeding issues, they can slow the amount of milk that drains from the breast and may result in decreased milk production in some women. They are therefore only recommended to be used temporarily and under the advisement of a Lactation Consultant. nipple protectors

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